Welcome to Sunday Script Club

First posts are always daunting so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. What is Sunday Script Club? It's a place to hold myself accountable, to learn from the best in the business and to commit to reading as many screenplays as I can because in all honesty, I miss learning, and gaining knowledge.

I've been screenwriting as a hobby for 15/16 years. Screenwriting has been the most intense on/off relationship of my life. It's a real struggle. It started out as the greatest love of my life, and then university / jobs got in the way so it took a back burner (only slightly) but I have been fairly consistent in daily screenwriting for the majority of the 15/16 years until the past six months. It's stopped. I've stopped. I needed a break. It got too much, and the love disappeared. I knew it wasn't forever, but I needed to just stop. So I did.

There are a few story ideas that have been brewing over the past couple of months and I think I'm ready to put all the doubts / fears aside and start it up again. I'm actually really excited to be reacquainted with my old pal, my confidant, my sidekick in life. Screenwriting is like a pseudo-journal for me - anyone else feel the same? All the screenplays I've written remind me of certain chapters / eras in my life, and I can vividly remember where I wrote them, what job / level of education I was at / what else was going on in my life. It's interesting to look back on.

Anyway, I digress - 'First posts are always daunting so I'm going to keep this short and sweet' - clearly full of bullshit!

With all of the above said, as much as this is quite a selfish pursuit, I thought I'd also open this up to any other screenwriters who are interested in joining along and reading / analysing / sharing thoughts on a screenplay each week. I'll be sharing the new screenplay read each week on Instagram (@SundayScriptClub), and you can find the links to my own analysis / review / thoughts / comments on here, but also on my personal Twitter (@Sharmini_M).

If you'd like to get involved, please use the subscribe box on the homepage to join the club.


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