True Romance

A few years ago, whilst on a work 'away-day' to sunny Margate, I stumbled upon a second hand bookstore on one of the side streets. Naturally, I found myself perusing the shelves when I saw a published copy of True Romance, the original screenplay, for £2.99! Such a steal. But I never actually ended up reading it until this week which I'm kicking myself about as it is an absolute gem.

Prior to reading this week's screenplay, I admired Quentin Tarantino's work as a filmmaker but that was about it. He was no Charlie Kaufman in my eyes. Until I read this screenplay. The thing is, I've watched True Romance, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk 'Til Dawn (Rodriguez) and they are all fantastic films and he is undoubtedly a fantastic filmmaker. But I'd never read a Quentin Tarantino screenplay before, and after reading this week's Sunday Script Club read, I have no idea why!

He is an extraordinary storyteller. Reading True Romance felt like I was reading a masterpiece of the craft; the dialogue was charming and his story structure is next level. It's a shame that the story was reconstructed into a linear structure for film. The way in which the original screenplay played with love story of Clarence and Alabama was beautifully told. With that said, I'm one hundred percent going to rewatch the film again this evening to see how to two compare as it's been years since I've watched the film (which is one of my personal favourites).

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