Little Miss Sunshine: Story Map

Is it weird to say I feel as though I've been in hibernation since the new year? Think I'm finally, slowly but surely coming out of it and ready to face the world again. I'm back to my day job on Monday and I know I'm going to have an all-time worst case of the Sunday night blues for sure.

Last night, I kept myself up for a good hour or two thinking about my screenplay. I made a lot of notes on my phone as I knew if I didn't, I'd forget them by the morning. Anyone else get inspired late at night when they're trying to go to sleep?

In today's #SundayScriptClub entry, I decided to map out the narrative drive behind Little miss Sunshine. I had a lot of fun doing this but it was hard to get it all onto one x A5 page.

I would've liked to have included more illustrations but there just wasn't enough space. Perhaps I'll do another one of these over a double page for the next screenplay read. Talking of which, does anyone have any suggestions for what they think the next Sunday Script Club read + decode should be? Comment below!


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