Little Miss Sunshine: Plot Points

So apparently since it's 2019, two-day hangovers are now a thing, and I only had a couple...well, a few, but not enough to warrant the way I'm still feeling. Got in a good hour and a half of writing this morning, working out the outline of my next screenplay. I'm really enjoying creating this narrative, and trying to see all the different possibilities of where this can go. I always like to set myself a deadline with screenplays as I could easily spend a year just working on crafting the outline - and that just isn't going to cut it.

For today's #SundayScriptClub post, I've been looking at the main plot points of Little Miss Sunshine, and have been trying to figure out the story structure etc. behind screenplay.

I'd also like to throw a quick-mention to one of my personal favourite scenes of the film where we / Dwayne discovers that he is colourblind, and therefore his biggest dreams are over. It's heartbreaking and so beautifully written + executed.


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