Little Miss Sunshine: Characters

I'm not quite sure how I forgot to include this in yesterday's post, but I'm going to include it today's as the whole situation was just ridiculous. I spent from 11.30am - 5.15pm on the 26-30 railcard website, as did every other person between the ages of 26 - 30 in the UK (I imagine). I know we British love a good queue but bloody Norah this was a next level online queue. But to conclude, I can happily say I am now the proud owner of a 26-30 railcard, which means that I no longer have to spend £100 on the train every time I wish to see my parents up north. Right, rant over. National Rail, sort your lives out.

In other news, got in a good hour and a half of screenwriting this morning. The story is developing slowly but surely. Trying to get really under the skin of my main team, finding out what really makes them tick underneath all the dialogue.

For today's #SundayScriptClub entry, I looked further into (what I'm calling) the primary protagonists of Little Miss Sunshine, and their goals, ghosts + obstacles throughout the narrative. I'd really be interested if any of you have written screenplays / stories with seemingly multiple protagonists. If so, did you have a lead in mind or are they all protagonists on their own merit?


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