Announcing the first #SundayScriptClub read

It was difficult to pick the first Sunday Script Club read, but I've gone with the Michael Ardnt gem, Little Miss Sunshine, because it's delightful.

The story behind the screenplay is one of my favourites; Michael Ardnt wrote the screenplay in three days, including one all-nighter. We've all heard it a billion times over, but it's all about the rewriting. And that's exactly what Michael Arndt spent the following year doing. One whole year of rewriting.

So today is the first of January. Lots of fresh starts and goals being made around the world. Not going to lie, I’m not feeling my best self at all today. The hangover is setting in as the day progresses. But I’m going to at least stick to getting my daily screenwriting in, and starting #SundayScriptClub.

Today, I’ve started making notes on the screenplay, trying to figure out how the traditional role of a singular protagonist on a journey towards a specific goal with timely misfortune is actually replaced with an offering of protagonists. Is there a lead protagonist? Are there tiers of protagonists? Let me know your thoughts on this, I'd be really interested to hear as I'm undecided. And after all, that's what I hope Sunday Script Club will be all about - discussing and decoding screenplays, learning from the best.

I decided it would be fun to do an illustrative journal of things I learn, how I’m going and important events that may take place over the next year. My memory is shockingly bad at the best of times so hopefully this will be fun to look at 11 / 12 months from now.


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