Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It goes without saying that Charlie Kaufman is a fantastic storyteller + screenwriter, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is exemplar of that. I'm fascinated with the way he plays with story world and structure, and how it seems to work so effortlessly, especially in this week's Sunday Script Club read. As much of a puzzle as screenwriting is for a screenwriter, it's almost as if he brings the audience along for the ride in the way he lets the screenplay unfold.

It's a break-up story told in the best way possible. Clementine + Joel are themselves quite extreme characters, yet their shared experience is so bloody relatable. Why tell the same love story over and over again? Why not throw a bit of mind-altering sci-fi into the mix?

The balance of exposition to dialogue is something I personally think Charlie Kaufman nails. I find his screenplays a real adventure to read - you can't let your mind wander on this one because you won't know where you are five pages down the line as you'll have missed an important piece of the puzzle or you'll be somewhere / sometime completely different. I also love how non-linear, yet perfectly crafted the plot of this screenplay is. You're invested in it because you want to crack the code and figure it out.

In this week's illustrated journal entry, I tried to capture some of the key plot points that I felt gave the audience / reader an indication of what the hell was going on. To be honest, I'm finding that this whole 'one page per screenplay' thing isn't working as there's just too much I wish to cover and not enough space, and whilst on the three hour train ride back up north yesterday, I think I cracked it - stay tuned for Sunday Script Club V.2 - coming soon... perhaps next week if I have time!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week's read. If you have any recommendations for future Sunday Script Club reads, please let me know in the comments on Instagram, or feel free to DM me on Instagram (@SundayScriptClub).


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