This week's #SundayScriptClub read is the brilliant screenplay by Kevin Willmott and Spike Lee. I'm completely bowled over by the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first African-American police officer in the Colorado Springs police department who infiltrated the KKK, with the help of Flip who plays the caucasian Ron Stallworth. Aside from the real-life events that took place, the screenplay itself was a great read.

Going deeper into the story, this week's entry was all about the key plot points, and traditional character roles but I also wish I'd had time this week to create a story map for this read as I think it would've been pretty interesting. Perhaps next week. If you missed out on joining in this week, you can find the screenplay here on No Film School. And if you'd like to join the Sunday Script Club, it's super easy - head to the homepage, and join the mailing list, or DM me on Instagram (@SundayScriptClub).


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